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1st January 2010

Out of Jail and flying free……

Sadly, Kyriacos, the father of Steve, owner of The Jail pub in Peyia, passed away yesterday. Kyriacos was a wonderful character with the loveliest smile.
For years, he has been welcoming locals and tourists to The Jail, providing them with nibbles of fruit from his trees or nuts – in return for a cheeky whisky here and there!

In recent years, Kyriacos hasn’t been too well, suffering with Alzeimers but still going about his daily chores when he could…..

Steve and his family will be so very sad today. This wonderful man was a huge part of Peyia life and will much missed by all of us who knew him and loved him.

I’m sure he’ll still hang around The Jail, winking and smiling mischieviously at the pretty ladies who come through the doors. Am also sure he’ll always be remembered lovingly: his was definitely a smile which lit up a room!

Our thoughts are with his family – and we’re having a little whisky tipple in his honour. ‘Bottoms up’ Kyriacos! (That always made him laugh!)