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25th September 2014

Our main motorway!

Yes, I really want to talk about the motorway which runs from Paphos to Nicosia! Yesterday, I had to drive to Limassol for some business. Setting off at around 8.30 am, I was very much looking forward to the drive. As motorways go, this one is so good: hardly a car in site; lovely scenery and carriageways edged in flowers – couldn’t be better!

Knowing the road well, I was relaxed driving gently between the two large towns but I suddenly was overwhelmed by how peaceful the drive was. I think I saw less than 10 cars in total, the whole journey, till I approached the outskirts of Limassol and the ‘real world’ of commerce, industry and tourism took over.

Part of the drive is through the hills, where the goats roam happily , grazing at their leisure. On one stretch, the road passes close to Aphrodites Rock and the magnificent coastline of Pissouri , close to Paphos airport. Villages come and go, the sun shines and the drive is effortless – so much so that I almost forgot I was the driver! Too busy looking around, I was brought back to reality by the approach of the twin tunnels and their lights which flash the entrance!

I got to thinking about how much I miss motorway driving in the UK and the traffic jams for which they are famous – and I realised, I don’t miss this at all LOL!

If you’d like to experience a GREAT motorway linking one good part of Cyprus to another, email to me on and I’ll share the journey of how to book and enjoy a great Cyprus holiday, with you!

No photo on this one: just try to imagine the peace and let the Cyprus sun into your hearts!