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13th January 2015

Our Great Friend, Mr Bob – very sad day ..

Its with great sadness and a very heavy heart, that I am sharing with you that our great friend, Mr Bob, passed away a hours ago. Our love, hugs and prayers are with his wife, Caz and their wonderful family. There aren’t enough words to express how sad we are for their loss.

Except I have to find some words because Bob not only deserves them but he’d expect them from me too! He’s been my ’email friend’ and favourite customer of our holiday business for as many years are we’ve been in business. Thanks to Bob and his great humour and lovely family, we’ve learned how to look after holiday guests EVEN better/ how to understand what they are looking for and how to fall back in love with our work, even on the tough days.

Bob loved Cyprus. After Caz and his family, Cyprus was one of the ‘big loves of Bobs life’ and he honoured Tony, our team and I , by allowing us to not only help him have a great holiday but often choose where he was staying! Over the years , we’ve become great friends and have loved sharing part of the Gray familys joy in their time here in Peyia or Coral Bay.

In May, 2014, Bob and Caz afforded me the greatest honour ever by entrusting me to arrange their wedding here in Peyia. We shared the build up/the moments, the joys and the sheer pleasure of watching Bob and Caz become man and wife, in their island paradise. It was a very magical and precious day and one I’m keeping in my heart today to warm it up a little as the sadness of losing Bob takes over.

Bob and I shared a joke that I had to remember he was always ‘stalking me’ to make sure I was working hard enough here to show people just how special Cyprus is. I make him a promise now that I will continue to work extra hard, keeping in my heart his smile, mischief and good humour even on the tough days – and today is one of them. I’ll cherish the memory of Bob as a true loving husband to Caz and proud father. He represents to me all that is good about being a true family, who simply want to be together and enjoy the moments of their lives. He was also a great friend to us and we’ll hold that dear to us.

With much love , prayers and respect to Caz and their children, we’re wishing Bob a heaven filled with sunshine and love, peace – and the opportunity for Mr Bob to make his mischief watching over his family! I will see his smile in the summer sunshine here and I pray they do too x

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