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28th June 2016

organising a holiday

Wonderful as holidays are, it can be quite complicated getting everything sorted before you go away, can’t it? From remembering what to check on/book eg car hire to pack; shopping for new clothes (I wish!), suntan creams and checking on medicines, there is much to do.

Then there are pets to consider. To kennel or cattery, that is the question – but not one that we have had to worry about here, thanks for great friends who are local, (you know who you are Susie Floozy and The Great Raymondodoulou), who will sleep over or step in for us – or loving family members like Tony’s Aunt Carole and Uncle Mike, who kindly fly over to spend time with our furry gang so that we can go away.

They’ve done just this for us, this past three weeks . Tony, our friends, Els and Andy and I, have had a ball sailing on the Med while the furries have been babysitting Carole and Mike. Yes, I have that the right way around. Carole and Mike are crazy – well one of them is and , thank god, the other is grown up and very sensible, so it works beautifully. These two nutters not only love our furry babies but also our home and the village we live in, so it works out well.

Almost. Had we not made it back from sailing, which was my fear, Carole and Mike would have taken possession of the house and Molly and Barney T Rubble. To say they looked mildly disappointed when we appeared at the door  after our break, would be a little rude – they looked crestfallen! Still, all was well in paradise. They’d had a great time and so had we. Mike and Barney had spent many an evening chatting on The Thinking Step too, (photo below), so all was good!

If you’d like us to take some of the strain off you while you make holiday plans, email to us and we’ll tell you about our portfolio of lovely villas with pools – and how our service makes it all very easy. If you are in the UK and have dogs, maybe Carole and Mike could call to you? Where there is a will and all that………!

photo mike and barney