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1st January 2010

Oranges and sucking lemons!

A few years ago, just after we moved to Peyia, my Mum decided to move over too- thankfully, into a place she rented and where she only stays 6 months of the year. Tony, as you can imagine, was delighted to have his mother in law so close!

Today, he was even more pleased coz we took Mum and Jim, my stepfather, out for a belated Christmas meal (we were so busy with arrivals over Christmas that we barely saw Mum and Jim!). So today couldn’t come quickly enough – or, in Tonys case, couldn’t pass quickly enough!

It has been a gorgeous January day: blue skies, green fields, warm sun – and a very pleasant drive to Polis where we lunched at Archontariki (fondly known as “trickydickyricki” coz no-one can remember its name!

Not only did Tony have the pleasure of our company but also the restaurant had its resident pianist and singer to accompany the Yorkshire Puddings!

I loved it: Mum and Jim loved it and Tony had lamb and beef but we were home before 4pm (football on the TV)…….

The restaurant is surrounded by orange groves. Mum tried desperately to “borrow” some from the trees to take home and use to make marmalade but the oranges were too high on the tree and both Mum and I were wearing heels so couldn’t “shimmy” up the trees. We’ll have to go back!

When we got home, Jake had locked himself in our bedroom and was lying on our bed eating my angel teddy bear and one of my remaining pairs of shoes…..divine justice, Tony called it!