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3rd February 2013

oranges and lemons

Well, I’ve seen some lovely sites here but this mornings ‘accident’ was a very pretty one, if not annoying for the driver!

Just down the hill from us, near the Peyia Laundry, there is a small road which is a shortcut into Coral Bay. The locals use it all the time

I was following a large truck ,which was packed with crates of oranges and lemons, down this shortcut, when a stubborn bird refused to move off the road as the truck approached so the driver, being kind, pulled left to miss the bird and tipped the back of his truck over, spreading oranges , lemons and broken crate, everywhere!

The picture was pretty and the citrus smells, gorgeous!
The bird was nowhere to be seen – and the driver is still standing there looking perplexed!

I’ve chuckled the whole way down to Villa Sea View and Chadis in Coral Bay. In fact, I’m sure I could still smell the fruit from the villas!

Category: Cyprus Villas News