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9th November 2012

opening up to possibilities

One of the big lessons I’ve learned – again – over the past few days, is how great people can be. So many people have been so very kind, supportive and just there. Words put in emails have been special and so very helpful – and cuddles and kindnesses have meant the world too.

Whatever the reason for hurting, we each need the other. Its crazy that we fight, get jealous, compete irrationally or are just protective and defensive. Opening up a little to people and their care is like being showered with healing energy.

The best thing about my work, is the people I meet. Don’t get me wrong, there are moments when I could scream at the unreasonable nature of some BUT I know there is always another soul coming who will bring something to learn, something to think about and something to hold on to.

Tonight, I’ve received the most beautiful words from Tee, whose had her own stresses but still found time to send some love. Tee rents a beautiful villa in Peyia and is such a great person: I so pleased to have met her……

Jo and Simon, the owners of Kastelloriso, have sent so much love and support, I’m very touched.

Tonight, I’m off to welcome guests to the lovely villas St Killians and Bella in Coral Bay and I’ll be smiling from my heart knowing we’re all in this life together – we’ve just got to remember to reach out a bit and let each other know we’re all human.

Remind me of this thought when the new guests ring at 4am to tell us their aircon isn’t working – and they are using the TV switch! Which really does happen!

Am counting our blessings again – including having had time with Jake, however brief x

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