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9th September 2013

one year and a few days….

I couldn’t write at the weekend. It was one year on Saturday since we lost our beautiful 5 year old Jake and we still cannot believe he is gone…

I believe that now, he’ll have ‘done his time’ in doggy heaven and will, I pray, be reunited with his brother, Alfie. Alf was a saint amongst dogs and ,when he went to heaven 3 months ago, I asked him to NOT spring Jakey free: I figured jake needed to learn his lessons (he was a wonderfully naughty dog) and I wanted Alf to take his place with the angels, happily and unhindered by his brother.

I know that Alf will have watched over him – and probably swopped a few doggy stars with Jakes jailors to get him freed. Alfie was love and kindness itself. Jake was troubled, lost and wonderful -but they have each other – and we were lucky enough to share part of lifes journey with them both.

Time goes too quickly but love is eternal. Just hope heaven has a HUGE poop scoop! Jake was 76 kilos and not at all discerning about where and how he went!

Watch out those below! Particularly those who knock Jake and Alfies mummy and daddy people LOL!

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