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1st January 2010

One of those Mondays!

Things have all just been too much today. The rain is coming down; the skies threaten thunder and the quiche I’ve eaten , had too many calories in it!

People with pineapples on their heads run on stages of talent shows and cricketers are shocked when they get voted are dance shows. Plus everything on the soap operas is doom, gloom and disaster………

Christmas is coming and we’re all hard up. Very much loved friends arrive tomorrow and I’ve an ironing mountain to conquer before then AND I’ve now only got 24 hours to lose 2 stones!……..

Oh dear.

Think I’ll borrow the pineapple, hide my wrinkles in it, salsa my way to the car through the rain then sing my heart out, off key in the supermarket. With a bit of luck, I’ll be spotted by someone looking for “new lack-of-talent” for the newest TV show to soon be in production and entitled, “I’m a traditionally built, talentless, stressed soon to be 50 year old! Lock me up somewhere secure!”……….

Large glass of white wine please!

Category: Cyprus Villas News