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1st January 2010

One day at a time……

Okay, the weather is awful in the UK; the recession is biting and things are slow BUT there is just so much to be happy about – maybe we need to relook?

Today is a case in point: Not only did I find chocolate biscuits in our local shop BUT they were my favourite ones! Not only did I get bought a sandwich for lunch BUT one of our villa guests (long term ones) brought me the most gorgeous homemade soup for lunch.

Not only did the sun shine BUT is shone longer than normal and the washing dried AND the days are getting lighter AND the wedding weeds are coming through the hilside AND we’ve just finished Greek lesson number 4…….

Not only has it been a great day in the office, booking holidays and finding gorgeous properties for people wanting to stay longterm here BUT I met the most wonderful lady, Gill, who was looking for somewhere to live; had just arrived 24 hours ago and was one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met in my life. We spent around 4 hours together looking at properties and talking about Peyia and Coral Bay – and I realised again just how lucky we are to live here…..

Okay, so I sound like Pollyanna BUT is life so bad? I wake up and wiggle my toes against Tonys; cuddle my animals; look at the sea; go to work and deal with lovely people; come home and deal with “stuff” (eg ironing/washing/cleaning/cooking etc) but there are so many worse things……….

I’d love to be 20, have only one chin and only one tummy. I’d love to have a new wardrobe every season and drive a flash car and I’d like to be able to travel……….but mainly I like to be home.

And I’m so happy to be there today.

Who knows what tomorrow brings? But at least I wake up here and that makes me feel very lucky!

Category: Cyprus Villas News