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1st January 2010

Once more into the dawn………….

Okay, here we are again: up and about through the night until breakfast time. This time it isn’t because of puppy Jake, (though he is thrilled to have company before “howling time” and has enjoyed his breakfast of biscuits, bikini top and one of Tonys shoes!): no, this time the cause has been a hugely delayed flight from Manchester to Paphos which should have landed at 9pm last night – but touched down at 3am today instead.

Tough for us but tougher for the passengers!

Some of the holidaymakers on board were coming to stay in our villas in Coral Bay – and we cannot let them just arrive, tired and fed up and make them look for their villa in an unknown area. So we stay up , keep awake, “potter” and chat – until its time for meet and greet each guest.

The relief on their faces when they meet a friendly face and are shown exactly where their lovely villa is, quickly and easily, is lovely! They are even pleased to meet Tony too! (Only joking, hubs!!)

Actually, I’m exaggerating a little (as I do!): not about them not being pleased to meet Tony but about us both being up all night: Tony kindly offered to do the night shift and meet/greets if I would get up with Jake when he started to “sing”. Seemed like a fair deal to me so Alfie, Molly, Charlie, Tiffa and I , snuggled up for a few hours sleep whilst Tony waited patiently in Coral Bay. Then, upon his return at around 5am, I got up to play with our daft puppy! Three mugs of tea later, I’m still shattered, Jake is still playing and Molly, Alfie, Tiff and Charlie have all gone back to bed with Tony!

Its an animals life! I’m coming back as a dog! (If anyone if laughing, I’ll be VERY upset!!).

Category: Cyprus Villas News