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1st January 2010

Once a night?

Tonys brother, Michael, who stayed in villa Lily May with his gorgeous ‘terrorist’ children this year, has a heart of gold. He is travelling from the south of UK, where he lives, to the North, to collect their mum, Tony Without Teeth, and her beau, Wicked William, to bring them home to spend the Festive break with him…………

We’d have loved to have them but I’ve got a bone in my leg and Tony has a toenail so its not possible………..and we enjoyed their antics for 3 weeks recently so we figure its Mikes turn!

I digress: One of Mikes ONLY (?) worries, is that Wicked William might scare the children with his naked nightly run to the toilet. I’ve not told Mike that WW is at least a 4 times a night ‘runner’ so his (or the childrens) door should be firmly locked and bedside receptacle made available for emergencies – along with our telephone number for our neice and nephew to use if things get TOO scary….

Of course, we know what this is all about: with the new years honours list due, Mike is putting himself in the frame for some knighthood or other whilst Tony Without Teeth wishes WW was ‘once a night’ and everyone could sleep more peacefully and for longer……

Happy days and sleepy nights – at least in Peyia!
Merry Christmas Mike! xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News