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1st January 2010

On yer bike!

There are some very interesting people buying villas and apartments here in Coral Bay and Peyia. Its a pleasure meeting some of the buyers and talking to them about their hopes and fears in terms of letting out their piece of paradise – and also interesting seeing their faces when we explain that, actually, we need to interview THEM too , to see if their property is good enough to rent to our customers! Thats the bit that normally throws them!

You see, we don’t just take any property on: we need to be sure that the owners with whom we work, are willing to do what is necessary to make the properties welcoming and keep the standards high eg with bedding and towels – and some people seem to think coz they’ve bought, thats enough – and it isn’t!

Today, we met Simon from Dublin, who are totally wonderful. Not only did he want to know everything about us and the ins and outs of our service but he was also very open to my questioning of him and how he would actively participate in the rental service we were proposing to offer to people for his property. I appreciated his interest and his questions: if someone cares enough to want to understand fully, then they care enough to make this professional relationship grow!

So Simons good enough for us – but are we good enough for him? Watch this space!!

ps Simon business is the sale of motorbikes: just thought the title was relevant coz he may say that to us yet!

Category: Cyprus Villas News