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1st January 2010

On the right track…..

Had a lovely hour last night with Susie F and The Great Raymondodoulou, drinking their wine (SF is on the wagon so Ray and I did the drinking!)…… These completely batty but wonderful twosome are planning the holiday of a lifetime, travelling by rail from coast to coast across America. I’m so very jealous: it sounds like a once in a lifetime trip…

Had to smile though: sitting there in paradise, in their beautiful garden of the villa in Coral Bay, watching the stray cats play (and grow in numbers) and enjoying the sunset – I mean, why do any of us want to be anywhere else?…..

Lucky? You bet we all are.

(Oh, and a song for Sue: “One week on the wagon, and I’m still rolling along. My tempers worse; its a curse but I’m snarling a happy song………I’m snarling a Ray-get-your-hands-off-me-lynn-drink-more-gnt, those new cats better run or they’ll cry……yes I’m snarling a happy song……..)…. Love you SF but PLEASE share a glass of wine with me – just one.!!


Category: Cyprus Villas News