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1st January 2010

On the mend and on the way!

Alfie dog has picked up a little over the past few days. Poor thing: he smiles and wags and watches his people, being there for us, however he is feeling – and he’s obviously been feeling rotten. Just as I get to the point of thinking, should we give him his rest, his spirit fights back, he runs around and chaos is resumed in our animal household.

With his Auntie Gillian on her way next Wednesday, I’m sure Alfie will be his normal charming dog self when he sees her arrive and remembers her kindnesses during our lives close to her in Yorkshire.

Not sure how Helen, Gillies friend, will respond to Jake though! Haven’t really asked Gillie if Helen likes dogs: as Jake likes people, and is over 70 kilos, I’m unsure if Helens wishes will come into anything Jake wants to do ie play catch or have his tummy tickled.

am checking availability in our villas in Coral Bay just in case we need to move the ladies to a “safe house!”

Category: Cyprus Villas News