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1st January 2010

On the buses!

Oh dear, its official! We will HAVE to move! Tony without teeth and Bill (pardon) have been to Paphos today on the one euro bus and TWT has SHOUTED at the other passengers…… apparently the bus driver was asking them to move along the bus and they weren’t, so Joanie shouted “MOVE ALONG THE BUS” and they did. Instantly. So did Bill…….

See, told you she was scary and I have to live with her till Sunday! … Best I get started on her tea or I’ll be shouted at too!

At least I get to escape to checkin the guests for the beautiful villas Maria and Olivia in Coral Bay .

ps Wonder where the bus is going tomorrow and how much I’d have to slip the driver to take a detour…….?!

Category: Cyprus Villas News