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1st January 2010

On reflection……

I remember as a little girl, listening to my Nanna talking about the fact she’d started to look like her mother. Then I noticed my Dad starting to look like my Nanna……but it was never going to happen to me!

Today, “my mother” is staring back at me from the mirror where I’ve been trying to put my lippie on. I’m also “wearing” the family bottom – which normally belongs to my baby sister but is generously hanging on my hips. My eyes hold the bags of my fathers eyes and my humour is gone: so I’m sure there is a step parent or two, influencing todays mood!
Have also been trying to thread a needle for 15 mins and found myself talking to myself the way my nanna used to do; muttering and squinting and trying again and again……….

Life goes on and age catches up- but its great to carry the family with you. Wonder who’ll do the next checkin to the villa in Coral Bay with me? Mum I hope: she’ll have had a few Gin and Tonics…

Category: Cyprus Villas News