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21st March 2015

On holiday in a Cyprus Villa!

I’m on holiday today in my very own Cyprus Villa! Not quite as posh as the ones we work on , on behalf of the owners but lovely all the same. With private pool, gorgeous views (photo below), comfy chairs and sunny skies, its bliss!

One of my big holiday treats , is to read: and as the proud owner of a ‘pink electronic thing’ (forgive me, I’m north of 40 and don’t ‘do’ technology), I love the idea that I can press a few buttons and books appear in the tummy of this machine! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t read many of them but I love the colours of the covers and the titles and the promise of an adventure into the unknown…………….but I’m so chilled out, I fall asleep within minutes of starting to read! Maybe that’s what a holiday is all about?….

If you’d like to chill out, relax and still be able to order books online, email to me on and I’ll send you the best of the best: Best sellers at low prices! Happy Saturday!