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19th November 2017

Old? Who said so!

Molly is the equivalent of 107 in people years. Remembering the notion that, bumble bees shouldn’t fly as their wings are too small and fragile to carry the weight of their bodies- but no-one has told them, Molly isn’t aware of her age . Or she just doesn’t care!

This morning, I made the almost fatal mistake of not securing her lead onto her collar before opening the gate in our garden -and she was off! At full speed down the , (not insubstantial) hill on which we live.

I couldn’t keep up with her. She couldn’t hear me shout – and nor would she have been able to hear any cars which may have come along. Thankfully, something caught her attention , so she stopped and began to sniff about, giving me a few very breathless minutes, to catch up with her and secure the lead.

Trouble was, we were at the bottom of the hill by now and had to climb all the way back up: which we did, very slowly!

I’m now having a cuppa and a sit down but she is running riot around the garden, chasing Barney T Rubble. I can see that Tony and I need to change our diets and go onto whatever Molly is eating!

If you are like Molly, young at heart and ready for fun, email to me about villas and apartments here in Peyia and Coral Bay for 2018 – and I promise I won’t chase you!

Category: Cyprus Villas News