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1st January 2010

old dog, new tricks

Alfie dog is gradually going downhill, bless him. At the moment, he is in the middle of some intensive treatment to help clear a horrible skin infection he has. He spends Wed and Sat with Nicolas, in the Peyia vets and seems to love every second of it.
At home, he is, in the main, very quiet and sleepy but he’s begun to have happy half hour at around teatime, chasing Charlie cat and Charlies new pal, Stotts.

Molly, who by nature is a terror(ist), hides by the stairs and waits for Stotts to come in (a recent move) and then ‘goes’ for this huge cat. Alfie seems to think this is a great game, so when he’s awake, he hides by the stairs too though seems to forget what he is supposed to do!

Charlie cat is loving being back in the house now he isn’t being chased by Jake and is trying to get Alfie to play with him – but Alf just wants Charlie to snuggle in with him and let him sleep. New tricks aren’t where he is at the moment – unless they involve getting extra turkey or the chance to catch Stotts!
Am off to welcome arrivals to the lovely Villa Melanie in Coral Bay and Stavroulla in Peyia and am dreading what the animals will get up to when I’m out! Tony is too busy playing electronic poker to even notice!

Category: Cyprus Villas News