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26th October 2016

Oh how some things haven”t changed!

We’ve lived here in Cyprus approx. 14 years during which time we’ve seen this wonderful island grow and develop, fall into a bailout then begin to get ón it’s feet’ and begin to grow again….

As the island has grown, the infrastructure has developed eg new roads and better drainage systems, businesses beginning to learn more about ‘polishing procedures’ and better customer service: the latter being demanded by the many expats who have moved to Cyprus.

All change takes time. I remember when we first arrived on the island, I couldn’t believe how you could make an appointment to have a supplier come to your home – and they couldn’t even guarantee a day never mind a time! It drove me crazy! – and showed to me how “”British”” I was in my ways and how anally retentive!

Moving forward a few years, I’d begun to relax and even found something charming about the bad manners /lack of finesse in some of the key utilities providers/banks staff – though these have improved to….. or I thought they had until I visited the Road Transport Office yesterday and had to join a queue of over 20 people, all waiting to go into the same office to see the same employee while 10 of his colleagues ”walked the corridor’/had coffee and shrugged off the complaints/questions from those of us who were queuing.

It was like a farce: 8 closed doors in front of us. Each of us needed door number 4 – and no-one being allowed to enter! After an almost amusing 2 hour wait, it was my time to go in but the ”man within’ was on a very important phone call and hardly looked up to see who I was never mind what I needed! We conducted our business, distantly and without pleasantries but at least I got what I went for.

Driving home to Peyia, I was chuckling to myself about how silly we are to worry about things like eg having to wait or things not being so efficient, when I came across the church below, which sits ”serenely” in the centre of Emba Village. It’s so stunning – and so very Cypriot. Every new corner here , seems to hold another piece of beauty.

Unsophisticated some of the islands ways may be but the beauty and history of Cyprus overrides all of the problems. Come and see for yourself. For villas with pools with information given to you on a professional basis!, email to