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1st January 2010

oh dear, a fourth set of doggie paws…..

Late last night, just as we were all settling back down to our cuddles with the dogs and cats, there was a pitiful crying on the hill. First to investigate, Jake was getting very upset with something so we all looked and there, on the hill next to our house in Peyia, was a stray hunting dog. Poor little thing was tiny, skinny and very scared but desperate to join the family.

Worried in case the dog was carrying some disease (which they do ), Tony tried to scare the dog away by throwing stones – but it just came back again.

At one point, it was half on the wall at the side of our house, “talking” to Charlie cat who was sitting alongside him, happily watching what he was doing.

Jake and Molly stayed on the settee upstairs, watching the dogs every move. Alfie is so chilled out, he just stayed put with me and listened to the antics.

The dog eventually went away – or so we thought. Early this morning, there he was again, so I brought him in and he is now safely in the kennel at the back of the house, where he is safe and I can feed him until I can take him to the sanctuary.

Jake is very pleased with his new friend and keeps going out to kiss him through the bars of his kennel. The poor little doggy is very scared but is now letting me give him a stroke and fuss – but he loves Jakes licks and “chats”

Molly is small enough to go in through the bars and joins the dog in his kennel, sharing his food and drinks then leaving to come back into the house………..

I feel so very sorry for this dog but there is no way we can add animal number 6 to our gang: I’ve been asking around all day today but no-one wants a dog. At least Sue works at the sanctuary where I’ll take him, so I know he is going to be looked after, fed and kept safe- hopefully he’ll also be successful in finding a home.

Animals are strange: I expected the dogs to go crazy but they’ve just welcomed this little thing into their midst – well, apart from Alfie and Tiff! Jake is hilarious: he is like a huge , great hairy brother who has found long lost family member. Don’t know who’ll be more upset tomorrow: me or them.

At the very least, this little mite will be safe and won’t starve. At best, he’s on the road to a happier life filled with people who’ll love him….

The kennel was meant for Alfie, when we first moved here. It was to be his refuge from the heat of the house. Instead, its housed many strays – and no doubt, will provide a bit of warmth for a few more to come. I just wish we could keep them all (sorry Tony!)

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