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1st January 2010

Office dog

Jake is in the office this afternoon, helping us. So far, he’s helped us by pushing the phones over and breaking a base; eating my sandwich; pushing the water bottle over and creating a puddle which he is currently skating in……his salary for the day may not be what he expects it to be!

I’ve been down to check on two villas in Coral Bay – and I could have done with Jakes help there! Christmas celebrations have started early here and many of the holidaymakers are swelling the islands profits by drinking beers from early morning to late night. Today, there was a group of very “festively friendly” men leaving a cafe bar near one of our villas in Coral Bay – and they wanted me to talk to them…..Jake could have scuttled the lot of them!!

Winters here and its 19 degrees. Jake has had his haircut coz he was hot! I’m in a suit and cardigan coz I’m cold: and to think I used to long for 19 degrees back home in Blighty!

Think I’ll be home early today though: Jake is “manning the entrance” which means anyone who may have been interested in coming in to talk to us, is quickly passing us by……….cannot understand it: why wouldn’t you want to push past a 12 stone monster pup- especially when he smells as lovely as Jake does!

Oh, I spoke too soon: Jake has finished my sandwich and now doesn’t smell too nice at all……………….hope nobody smokes near him!

Category: Cyprus Villas News