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1st January 2010

Nowhere else to run!

Last night, we have a football BBQ at our home on the hill in Peyia. It was just for our wonderful team and it was great fun- except the chicken tikka which tony had lovingly prepared, seemed to disappear before anyone could try it! We couldn’t understand where it had gone.

Today, I’ve spent my time cleaning up after Jake, Alfie and Molly who mysteriously are depositing “red” offerings around the garden. Molly has had a particularly hard time with her tummy today and at one point, I was sure she was passing blood! But no, we now know what happened and the culprits have been revealed.

It reminded me of Alfie once stealing my pack of tarot cards and eating some. For approx one week after this event, he was telling fortunes around the flower beds and people flocked to see his “cards of wisdom”…..

They didn’t really but thats how I imagined it!

ps Charly cat has just come in – and his lips are very tandoori red too. Think they all hatched a plan and it worked very well – except for the hungry humans!

Category: Cyprus Villas News