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7th August 2016

Not seeing the wood for the trees…..

Well, Sunday is upon us and a very beautiful, calm Peyia morning it is! With four wash loads done and now out on the washing line; dogs fed and watered; husband ‘happily’ steaming the floors for me and welcome packs in the villas which have been rented from today, I’m already shattered! So I’m taking a moment to sit down, have a cuppa and share a couple of the weeks, ‘happenings’ for your enjoyment – or not!

Where to start: perhaps ” The Tale of The Disappearing Cushions”: one of the beautiful villas we care for, is furnished beautifully. Everything matches everything else; beds have gorgeous linen, runners and cushions and outside furniture is replaced each year. It’s lovely. Or was, until suddenly, after a guests departure, the cushions and runner of the main bedroom, ‘disappeared’. Reported to me yesterday, I’ve slept the sleep of ‘cushiongate’, wondering how this could happen – and why. This morning, I’ve gone to check -and magically, the cushions and runner are there, ‘hidden’ in a cupboard which is higher than the cupboards where the linens are normally stored – so they weren’t seen.

What a relief! Or it would have been if in the process of my visit to this villa, I’d not started, “Spoongate” and accidentally broken one of the matching ceramic spoons the owner has lovingly placed. I feel terrible and will replace the set – and have confessed immediately to the owner!

Talking of confessions, this brings me to a friends ‘visit’ to Peyia Church this week. This magnificent church, sits proudly at the heart of the village, in front of Philippos supermarket. Our friend, a happy lady who loves dogs and ”prefers the company of ladies’, shall we say, was parking her car between the supermarket and the church when she got cramp – and accidentally drove at great speed, into the doors of the church, giving a new slant on the ‘urgent need to cleanse one’s soul’.

Thank god (!), she is fine, bar concussion and bruises but her car hasnt’ fared as well. The church does has remained resolutely, shut! (Though the invoice for repair , is in the post!).

You couldn’t make this up! Come to Peyia, rent a villa with clean pool and join in the fun!

peyia church facelift