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27th November 2014

Not PC?

Poor lonely Barney T Rubble: his new very-best-friend-in-the-world, Andy T, has gone home to UK and left Barney distraught. For one whole week, which is a very long time in puppy time, Andy has got up each morning and Barney has made it his doggy business, to entertain our friend Andy and his lovely wife Els. Barney has jumped and run, thrown a ball for Andy and even tugged at his laces.

In return, Andy has jumped and grumped, played hide and seek and retrieved Barneys many toys for him. Its been like watching a love affair unfolding. Barney waited at Andys bedroom door each morning for him to get up and play – and ran circles of joy for Andy when he returned home from any trip out with us………and now he’s gone home and Barney is all alone (well, except for Molly, Charlie Cat, Tony and I).

I’m hoping that Barney T Rubble will recover quickly from his holiday romance and I’ve reminded him that he also ‘fell’ for his Uncle Mike; adores his Aunty Karen and his other Mike Best Friend were all at his biding too! Am starting to think that Barney is a little fickle and very spoilt. He may want a PC (Play Chum) but he actually has tons of them!

If you’d like to come to see Barney and play with him while you stay in your chosen holiday villa, please email him on and he’ll tell you what deals there are – and what he likes to do each day!

Photo is of Andy, Els and Tony, having playtime without Barney, while in Letymbou at The Vineyard (highly recommended)photo letymbou