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11th October 2020

Not my cats..

The Hilltop Gang have been waiting at the front door of our home , since 7am. Shouting loudly for their breakfast, in case I forget they are there, they’ve also fought for Barney’s attention! Between the Church bells ringing , to which Barney has to sing and the cats shouting, to wish his response is to grumble VERY loudly and ”tell” them he’s on his way, Barney has had a busy morning!

It’s mayhem when the front door opens: Barney is normally half way down the stairs in the house, trying to decide whether or not to go back to bed or to try to catch a cat for breakfast – and the foursome sit on the mat, looking cute but shouting incessantly.

I had to smile this morning when I went to feed them: Kitten, named Angelo, is becoming Very Brave! He obviously has decided he is a Big Cat now and has started to copy Harry, the leader, running fast down the steps past Harry and ”bumping” him for fun! Harry doesn’t mind – much!

This morning, Angelo decided it was his turn to ”checkout” the house too. As I fed Barney in the kitchen, I noticed this brave , beautiful little creature, prowling through from the front door, towards the kitchen then, spotting Barney he shot out again!

The biggest step forward has been that, having fed Angelo for a few months now since he was only weeks old and seeing how terrified of everything he is, he’ll now ”allow” me to stroke and cuddle him- just a little – and only when I’m about to open his food. For him, it seems to be part of the ritual to receive food. For me, it’s just so gorgeous being able to snuggle this beautiful, younger cat….

Harry and Brucie still come for cuddles, late at night as I sit out and watch the stars. One of us stands guard in case Barney decides to join us but each of us enjoy a few minutes of peace and love and being together. Am hoping the kitten will join us one of these nights.

Must go: the nights are cutting in and we need to clean out the pump room under the house, ready for winter nights and, erm, putting in cat beds so that the Hilltop Gang keep warm and dry. Harry, of course, has his ”real mummy” up the hill so will go home and live inside, in the warmth with the other 22 cats. For the rest of the gang, well, they aren’t my cats but I’ll watch over them best I can. They give me far more than they expect from me – though their expectations are exceptionally loud!

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