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1st January 2010

Not just in case!

Oh, this is a lovely true story! Wayne and Karen, whose gorgeous new villa now commands attention at the heart of Peyia village, welcomed AJ and Jean to Cyprus last week.

Emigrating from South Africa to live in Cyprus, this lovely couple arrived complete with their two dogs and almost the kitchen sink! Jean was telling us how difficult it had been deciding what to sell versus what to pack and about how much luggage they’d brought to the airport. Apparently the staff weren’t helpful and explained, in no uncertain terms, that all of the luggage could not fly with them: some would have to stay and be couriered at a later date

Discussing which bits to bring versus which to leave, Jean had a great idea: leave everything that was AJs ie clothing etc and bring everything which was hers. This left AJ with the clothes he stood up in and one change of outfit!

I thought this was hilarious! Girl power gone mad! Jean laughed but explained that there was logic in her decision: ie as they were coming to live in Wayne and Karens house for a while, AJ could always borrow Waynes summer clothes which would be at the house – and, as Karen is very slim, Jean couldn’t borrow Karens clothes, it was best for Jean to have her own…..

So AJ, Jean, dogs and cases ( full of cosmetics, “important items” and bits and pieces plus some clothes), arrived safely and they are now settled in happily.

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