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1st January 2010

Normal? Well, it is for us!

Its a Saturday morning here on the hill in Peyia and we’re back to normal after the holiday. Charlie and Molly have spent the night in our bed – though Charlie spent more time than enough, playing chase around the room and alternating between biting Tonys toe or my bum (brave cat!).

We’ve woken up to Tony making “morning music” fuelled by an overly chillied chilly; Molly wanting to sing and dance; Alfie wanting to eat; Charlie singing with Gus cat on the back wall and Jake, who is so very happy to be home, throwing the remnants of his heaviest football around the house. So far, he’s knocked a dish off the top of the kitchen bench and brought a picture off the wall!

Jake is so very big, his throws are quite strong and we’re having to duck out of the way of the ball as it flies across the rooms……. its total chaos!

During the morning mayhem, we’ve been taking calls from lucky holidaymakers who are on their way today/tomorrow to enjoy a sunshine stay in villas and apartments in Coral Bay and Peyia – and we’re having to pretend we are totally in control and in the office environment! Sam is there, thankfully and she’s more than capable of fending off the business calls while we fend off the monster animal family.

Normal? Perhaps not but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Category: Cyprus Villas News