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1st January 2010

No tail to tell!

As the sun was lifting over the beautiful Peyia hills early this morning, I was sat on the thinking step of our home, just watching the day begin and thinking about the day ahead: loads of returning holiday customers arrive today and its very exciting! Villas are ready; welcome packs in and uniform ironed……

Daydreaming, my attention was taken by the many, many little lizards hurriedly racing around the garden. I was trying to work out why they were in such a rush when I noticed that very few of them had tails – which means only one thing: either Charlie-cat-honorary-dog has caught them and bitten their tails off recently or one of Charlies gang from the hill, has done the dirty deed!

Poor little things: no wonder they were in such a hurry. I’d run if I thought someone was going to try to eat me. Seemed a moment to forgive Jake some of his recent sins ie trying to nibble Charlie and Molly – its all about the food chain isn’t it?

That said, Jakes Doggy Asbo still stands: he’s eaten too many of Wayne and Karens possessions this week to be entirely forgiven – and he added insult to injury today by stealing Karens bag of lollipops and eating them!

With his penchant for larger lizards, I think the babies I was watching really needed to get a move on – they stand NO chance around our home!

Category: Cyprus Villas News