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1st January 2010

No strings attached!

Life is what happens when you are making other plans, or so the adage says! Its very true in the world of villa holidays: between departures and arrivals, there is an efficient team of people who descend on the villa and scrub, polish and prepare each villa lovingly for the arrival of the next set of holidaymakers.

Sadly, some of the villa guests omit to tell us when “little things” have happened. We totally understand that eg glasses get broken/small household accidents can happen -but we really need to know to enable us to put them right for the next guest. With often only 3 hours between departure and arrival, its almost impossible to get unforeseens repaired/renewed or reinvigorated in time! We do our best!

Today we’ve been totally caught out: guests leaving Coral Bay left a villa with broken strings on blinds/cracked toilet seat and not a clean T towel in site – and the new guests arrived as the old ones departed. Even though these arrivals were friends of the owners and not our own guests, we like things to be right for them – but we’ve just had to grin and bear the consequences of a few things which have gone wrong and will need to live until another day. Thankfully the arriving guests were great and fully understood! Tomorrow will be a day of spares, repairs and quick turnarounds – and we love it!

One thing entirely beyond anyones control is the dust which kicks up on this beautifully sunny island, on a regular basis each day. We think its one of the little tests of life: either accepting there will always be dust or dedicating your life to challenging it and trying to keep it at bay. I’m of the “lifes too short to stuff a mushroom”, variety – but I’m learning I’m quite alone in this camp! Thankfully, our villa cleaning team are first class and polish everything to perfection…… fact, my mum in law arrives tomorrow: wonder what the team are doing tonight?

Category: Cyprus Villas News