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4th September 2012

No socks please! I am British!

Its been a wonderful day with Alfie dog. He is bright, happy , playful – and driving me mad pulling his freshly packed gauze and bandages off. The worst bit is trying to get him to keep his socks on: he needs them in case he pulls his bandages off and starts to tear at the wound – which he does. But he hates the socks more than the bandages!

On the subject of socks, I have to ask something very important. Please, if you are male, wearing shorts or trousers and open toed sandals, DONT wear socks which you pull up to your calf! Its just not right! Plus you’ll get lines on your suntan above your socks so let it all hang out and get your feet brown! Go on , live dangerously.

And while I’m “on one”, if you are over 25, over a size 10 and female, PLEASE make sure your shorts do actually have room for your bottoms in them and dont just let them “flow” down the back of your legs. Its not good and its not pretty – even is you are from a hot foreign country and its “what you do”…..

How can you tell the season is back upon us and we’re shopping in our local bakeries and supermarkets, alongside bikini clad women (in the main) and shorts n socks wearing ample gentlemen.

Anyway, its our fault: if we didn’t market such gorgeous villas and apartments at such excellent prices, there wouldn’t be anyone here!

Whatever you wear, be happy and come to Peyia!