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6th May 2011

No ru-shin home for TWT!

On Friday night, Jake, the monster puppy tried to “give” his substantial paw to Tony Without Teeth, who got a shock, pulled her leg away and Jake scratched the whole way down her shin…….taking tons of skin off in the process!

As TWT has had an ulcer on this leg previously, she said she moved quickly to try to protect it but made it worse. Yesterday we went to the hospital where it was cleaned, stitched and sorted properly. Today we went to get bandages changed – and they’ve kept Joan in coz she’s got a horrible infection.

She and Bill should have been flying home tonight but TWT will be in dock for around 3 days then they’ll come back here for a rest. Bill is allowed to stay with her and apparently, the hospital food is better than ours at home PLUS they have a balcony, cafe in the hospital AND a swimming pool! So, next time they come, they are booking back into the hospital rather than our home.

Tony is devastated – on so many levels!
I just feel so sorry for Joan and Bill – but at least they can bicker and fight to their hearts content in the privacy of their twin, ensuite, seaview hospital room!