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1st January 2010

No room for a bed?….

The festive days here are warm and sunny though the nights do cut in and blankets are necessary.
Alfie is happy: he loves his bed and snuggles down happily. Molly sleeps with us and Charlie has his own room, where he and his feline friends stay overnight.
Jake is a total other matter. Last night, I put a quilt onto “his bed” (the double bed in the downstairs bedroom), thinking he’d be comfortable, snuggly and happy. Think again…
This morning, the quilt, or what is left of it, is in the lounge. The stuffing is from the bedroom to the lounge and Jake is lying on the settee!

This dog definitely needs an ASBO. As I’m about to checkin a policeman to Villa Garlands – I’ll have a chat to him about how to go about this….

Category: Cyprus Villas News