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11th April 2020

No Ordinary Moments

The early words of a poem, which I’m probably not remembering correctly, keep coming into my mind: “”What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stop and stare….”

I’ve always enjoyed life very much: even the toughest of times have carried with them, many blessings in terms of lessons to learn and things to consider differently. A person who is happiest in the green of nature with an animal or three at my side, simply being alive has always felt precious.

But, oh my goodness, this lockdown time has certainly made me stop again: to stop and look around me and thank my lucky stars for all that I have: my husband, family, great friends, animals and moments to live fully in the world around us on this hillside in Peyia.

Time goes so very quickly. Life most of the Universe, I’ve worked flat out , putting heart and soul into most endeavours! (I’ve had a couple of not so nice jobs!) but I”ve loved meeting people, learning about them and building the blocks of life, as you do.

Somewhere down the line, years were stolen, wrinkles and aches and pains came in and then, for now, time is standing still and I’m looking again….

Would I change anything? Yes, of course I’d change the situation with the virus if I had super powers but for now, I simply send grateful thanks for those who are trying to do this and pray for them to have strength and vision and patience – and good health.

Yet on my tiny bit of this world, would I change anything? Whilst I wish loved ones who’ve passed still walked next to us, I wouldn’t want to change their legacy for anything eg their love/their children/the gift of their own lives for their time in human form.

I’d not change a moment of experience, the learning, the beauty and pain I’ve seen – the precious people and animals who walk the world path with me.

Mainly I’ve realised, I’d change myself. Not the way I see the world, for I count my blessings every moment and know how very lucky I am – but I’ll be less harsh on myself from now and less ready to believe ”something” has to be achieved to make it all ”happen”.

Standing and staring, I’ve realised that it’s enough to simply ”be”. To breathe and be part of the heartbeat of the world. To love and be loved – and to hope and believe.

I’ve remembered, there are no ordinary moments. Life is extraordinary, all be itself.

Be happy. Be kind. Be safe.

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