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1st January 2010

No frills? No chance!!

Oh dear.

The sun has shone brightly today, leaving us all with no other choice than to strip off and wear more suitable clothing for the hot weather ………

This move seems simple enough but, when I took off the layers of sweaters and sleeves, you wouldn’t believe what I found: someone has “frilled” my inner arms! Now I’m all for things looking pretty but there two white lumps of generous flesh belong to me and NO-ONE should have tampered with them without my permission!

Not only is there a “frilly pattern” the whole length of the arm from shoulder to elbow, these not so pretty fleshy bits also seem to sway gently to music no-one else can hear! I’m at a loss as to what to do.

I’ve come home, lifted beans cans a few times; lent against the wall and pushed myself away (once) and picked up Tonys washing (which requires huge strength coz he always hides the pile until there are literally mountains of clothes to move). Still, I swing and frill,……………..

Luckily, I’m at the tender age where more is less, so I can dress in a “no frills” manner and not give away the game too much. Am now praying for “full costume” bathers to become the fashion and I’ll only invite friends to stay, who I know have poor eyesight or greater frills than me……….

Course, there is one huge advantage to these additions to my person: I can now wave to EVERYONE in the resort with one small movement of the arm! So frills may not look too appealing close up but they are very generous little friendly wave machines: just need to practise the angle for maximum impact – and that practise seems to be gained every time I move!

Thankfully, one of my 4 chins is bound to drop a bit closer to my shoulders anyday now, so that may detract a little from the upper arm frills. I live in hope of an easy cure, deep suntan and reason to keep my arms pointing skywards, as they look thinner at that angle!

Category: Cyprus Villas News