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1st January 2010

No flies on me!

Its that time of year again! Tony and I love to get half an hour here and there to have a dip in our pool but unfortunately, I cannot settle until I’ve rescued all of the flies and little critters from the top of the water and lifted them to safety.

Sometimes , I’m lucky and get them in time. Now and again, I’m too late and they’ve already gone to the big pool in the sky. I love the feeling of saving them and stop short of giving the kiss of life for, well many reasons- and its particularly difficult to do this to small flies anyway (steady, reader!).

Today, I’ve had some successes and a very notable failure: one little lizard had perished before I got to him and Im very upset about him. I’d like to think he’s had a long and happy life but, as he was tail-less, I suspect he’s been terrorised by Charlie and the gang and probably jumped in the pool to escape them!

Tony thinks I’m crazy

I just like to believe that these living things know what is happening and may think twice about stinging, biting or annoying me …………..

Also, if I come back as a fly, I’m going to learn to swim early in life just in case I end up near water.

Category: Cyprus Villas News