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28th October 2014

“No Day” – yes, really!

Today, 28th October is the anniversary of Greek Independence and is a public holiday in Cyprus and across Greece. Now Cyprus is its ‘own country’ but recognises the Greek ‘affiliation’ in many ways. Today is just one of them. Another is the fact that we pupils of the mysteries of the Cypriot language, begin by learning Ancient Greek and are supposed to follow through the Modern then the  ‘leaning’ towards Cypriot – which is almost impossible for my menopausal brain but I digress…

In 1940, General Metaxas said “No” to Mussilini and stopped the Italian/German troops ‘cutting through’ Greece into Russia, keeping the country clean and free of ‘influence’. Today, the NO day is celebrated despite the island of Cyprus being infiltrated by many Russians, Urkaines , Chinese and English – but that’s different – this new ‘flow’ of people invest in the islands land and build properties – and again, I digress!

So, today we celebrate with marches, church services , friends and families – and even partake in Metaxas: not in a general sense but in that of a very fine range of brandies, available in a selection of ‘stars’!

Our office said ‘no’ today and stayed closed. I’ve been in as have the wonderful team of pool and property managers and we’ve had fun dealing with our day to day work and the many interesting holiday guests who are here. Now, its home time and its time to say ‘yes’ to a chill out, sunbath for an hour or so and maybe a cheeky glass or two in honour of the visionary general! Yiammas!

Say ‘Yes’ to Cyprus. Email to me on and we’ll let you know which holiday villas are on offer to you in 2015 at 2014 rates! Be quick! We’re expecting an invasion of tourists next year!