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1st January 2010

Nightlife in Peyia

I’ve just had to meet some of our villa owners parents and make sure they got to their lovely villa , easily. As its 2.45 am in the morning, its not the time to be driving around looking for somewhere when you are tired!

Its been great for me: Peyia village in fast asleep; or at least the people are!The lights in the restaurants and tavernas are off; there are no men sat pondering the universe, outside the Kafenes and there are few cars around but……..

On every corner, behind the bins, in the bushes, snuggled roadside in the sleepy trees, are loads and loads of local feral cats who are playing to their hearts content!

I’ve shocked a few with the lights of our truck as I’ve negotiated the tight corners of the village – and surprised a few as I’ve gently passed them at the spot where they’ve gathered their friends to “chat and sing”.

There is something quite magical about the night here: maybe its the stillness after the bustle of the day or maybe its the inhabitants of the darkness, who play and hunt and skulk around enjoying their village and their time.

I suspect the cats sit in the old mens chairs near the cafes; roam the restaurants checking out whats left of the food from the menus and sip any liquid from the bars! They’ll pair up/fall out/run around and play -and the older ones will watch the younger ones and marvel at their agility!

Not unalike the people really – but I bet they, like us, feel like they own the village and we are the intruders.

And tonight, as I drove quietly through the village, I certainly felt like I was intruding!

Category: Cyprus Villas News