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4th May 2017

news from Peyia

It’s a very peaceful , warm day in Peyia village. As I drove through the village to work, I stopped for a moment to look at the Church and give thanks for living in this beautiful place.

Also sent out a thought to one of my younger sisters, Maxine, who is having her third chemo treatment today and hasn’t been fairing too well on chemo – and to Shanie and her family, who lost Paul in the early hours of Sunday morning……….all very sad.

In the spirit of ‘life it too short and too precious to waste”, I wanted to share with you how pretty the village is looking, with the flowers in bloom, the restaurants all dressed up and the tourists milling about.

In every breeze which blows through this lovely place, the memories of laughter, love and happiness, some tears, challenges and successes, fill the winds with warmth and hope. The hillsides of Peyia, breath life into the village; sharing their stories and keeping their secrets…its a lovely place.

Watching Michael of Peyia Tavern, getting ready for the evening, lifting vegetables out of the delivery truck and the lady at the Mediterranean café, putting out her cushions and ensuring there were flowers in the vases, I’m remembering life goes on and we’ve a duty to live it to the full.

Come and share some of it with us. Villas and apartments in and around Peyia village. Email to for information.

have a happy day and live it well!

Category: Cyprus Villas News