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1st January 2010

New Years Resolution – for Monday!

Okay, we MEAN to start our real diet but, like the rest of the dieting universe, things keep getting in the way. Take today, for example: we’ve got up, full of good intentions (and bookings for some of our villas in Coral Bay and Peyia! Yippee!)and the phone has rang: a very good friend of Tonys is here only till Monday and would like to buy us lunch!

What do you do? It would be churlish to refuse and early January is SO quiet for local tavernas here, (actually, not really but I’ll try to convince myself of this), that we’d be helping local commerce by going to eat locally……

So we’re going to Yialos, on the coast between Coral Bay and Sea Caves, where we’ll enjoy a wonderful local meze and some local wine.

We see it as our duty to the village in which we live: everything produced, paid for and consumed locally, helps someone in their role this year…….

and puts extra pressure on us for the JAM diet to work too, so we’ll have to walk the dogs more to get more weight off us, which will make them happy too… everyone is happy!

“Recycling” is a wonderful thing! I’m so glad we’re doing our bit for the universe, hee hee!! (Wonder where we’ll eat next week?!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News