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1st January 2014

New Year Spectacle!

Well, we met with Susie F, The Great Raymondodoulou, lovely Julie and Barman Andy yesterday at Yialos. We decided to see the new year in, early and spent the afternoon enjoying each others company, the new kittens on the ‘block’ who were playing near the tavern and watching the sunset…..

Course, best laid plans and all that and four of us decided we should continue our celebrations in The Mill , where we spent too long being sociable and had to rush home to get the midnight hour drinks ready……….

Susie and TGR feel great today apparently……….. I misplaced my glasses and have only just found them: in the knot which is my hair but formed part of Charlie cats bed last night!

Happy New Year! Hope its sunshine filled and healthy. Tony and I are on a HUGE diet now till 1/2 – but only after we’ve eaten all the stuff in the fridge coz we cannot waste it!

I predict not much weight loss!

Category: Cyprus Villas News