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1st January 2010

new friends and aliens ………….

We had a great evening again at Peyia Tavern (Michaels) last night with Susie F and The Great Raymondodoulou plus Susies lovely sister in law, Marian and brother Dominic. Dom and Marian are on holiday here, staying in Latchi and love Cyprus – though they think its hotter now than it normally is in Sept – which we totally agree with!

There was a new friend with us too: we didn’t spot “her” straight away but when Susie turned around , there was “Quazisusie” sitting on the back of Susies neck, listening to everything……

We shouldn’t make fun: this “being” is a horrible boil which has been hurting Susie for too many days now- but which gave us all a giggle, when Tony named it and we began to have a drunken debate about it being “an alien” or, more scary, a “second Susie” who was growing and about to join us at the table , fully!

Susie F wasn’t laughing and nor should she. We proved ourselves to be horrible, unfeeling friends and family and she was right to be cross with us all…………

But it was funny!

Get better soon Susie xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News