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1st January 2010

New for Old Ways…….

Tony and I were in The Jail pub in Peyia village last night – purely for research reasons, you understand! – and I was talking to the daughter of a friend of ours who, age 31 and mother of a two year old girl, has just given everything up in UK to come and live in Peyia.

I was interested to listen to her reasons for the move – and respect her and her husband totally for making the move when they have a young child but, listening to her, I understood why they’d chosen to emigrate and why they’d chosen Peyia.

“Just being able to sit at Yialos early Feb,” (Yialos is a local, cliff top taverna which is run by a family and which is very basic but totally wonderful), Denise continued, ” is worth everything we’ve left behind. We’ve watched the sunset over the sea and seen the sun slip into the depths of the water, leaving beautiful colours and total peace”…..” The sea is on our doorstep. We can choose from mountains or seafront, history or natural beauty – and the local Cypriots are welcoming”….

She talked more and as she talked, a few more “newbys”, ie those who’ve only been here a few months, came to join in.

There isn’t a day goes by when we don’t count our blessings but sometimes its good to hear someone elses view on the village and way of life.

Living in this part of western Cyprus is, in many ways, going back to basics: there aren’t an abundance of fabulous careers but no-one really cares what work you do, as long as you pay your way and are honest. There isn’t a plethora of modern and exciting shops but there is a village (Peyia) with a real heart, total character and everything you need to eat well.

Life is far slower than in UK. Its more outdoors than in UK and its more about the people around you, than in UK…….Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be British and will always remember the people like my Grandfather who fought for our country but I’m happy life dealt me the opportunity to experience life here. Tony and I live quietly in many ways but peacefully in a way we never did when we were deep in business/pressure and achievement.

Cyprus living is stepping back in time but we’re glad to have swopped our old life for this new way of living more “old fashionedly”!

Category: Cyprus Villas News