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1st January 2010

Never “run of The Mill”

Well, I stand corrected. The Great Raymondodoulou and Hubs “stuffed” the regulars in The Mill quiz last night and won.

No, I don’t think you quite get how important this is. Known as the “bar flies” team, TGR and Antonioni have tried for weeks to crack the quiz. I’ve been to ‘help’; the gorgeous barmaids behind the bar help (in return for a share in the winnings – especially chocolate prize) and friends step in with an answer or two.

Last night, I’m advised our two heroes ‘single handedly’ out quizzed the competition, (well apart from barmaids help and help from the local man who sits at the other end of the bar and is very intelligent!). So happy were our twosome, I’ve not heard the end of it even today – and so unpopular were they, especially with ‘Table 12’ who ALWAYS win, TGR and A had to leave in a hurry, waving happily as they ran.

Next Fridays quiz could be interesting: Will our handsome heroes return for more? Will Table 12 call in reinforcements? Will the questions be in their favour?……………….Gosh! So much to consider.

No wonder I drink! xx Well done men!

Category: Cyprus Villas News