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1st January 2010

Needing tweetment!

I’ve just been laughing at the story of the lady who has bought a toy parrot for her daughter – only to discover that it is programmed to say rude things! I know its not funny for the little girl but it reminded me of two true stories which I have to share with you….

Years ago, in a past life, Tony and I were on holiday (aaahhh), in Borneo and were trecking in the nature reserve with a lovely local man who was introducing us to the wildlife and shrubs etc. During the trek, we came across a small area where there was a cage, in which were two minor birds. Nothing strange about that except one kept making the noise “Brrrring, Brring, Brrring, Brring”, like a phone ringing.

The other would them start to make a very loud noise in return then all feathers would fly as they appeared to be having a row! We asked the guide what was going on and he told us the birds had been rescued from the home of a very angry couple who were always arguing over who was going to answer the phone…….and that the birds were mimicking what they’d heard. The translation was roughly, “Its for you”, “no, I’m not answering it, you talk to them”, “I’m not talking to them, you answered the phone so you talk to them” etc…… was very funny.

Equally amusing was the story about one of Jims friends who owned a caravan park in the Cheddar Gorge. He and his wife were on holiday with my Mum and Jim, years ago, when my parents lived in France. The couple left their daughter and son in law in charge of the park – and the parrot who was in reception. Said son in law proceeded to teach the parrot some not too friendly insults to say to the guests as they arrived……

On returning home, the owner of the park was thrilled that the parrot had begun to talk so much but, as the owner was quite deaf, he didn’t really hear the parrot telling his arrivals to “get a life and find somewhere else to stay” and other, more heavy things! It took four or five guest complaints before he realised there was a problem!!

The parrot now lives in Borneo with his cousins and they all argue about everything……

(I made the last bit up!)

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