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23rd May 2021

Nature’s Garden.

I’ve spent a few calm and peaceful hours in our garden on the hill, this morning.

Tony, my husband, inherited his Dad’s green fingers so what started out as a rock, covered in the hardy grass and shrubs that is indicative of Cyprus, is now a fully fledged, blossoming mix of Cypriot trees, shrubs and hardy flowers.

We had a small vegetable plot but Molly, our late very naughty and funny Cypriot Yorkshire terrier mix doggy, decided it would be great fun to dig up everything that had been planted – as well as digging up one of our beloved cats but that is a whole other story!

Today, the vine is showing signs of being generous with promised grapes. Hanging baskets are dancing in the breezes and the flowers are all smiling at the hot sun. It’s very healing to be able to walk around the garden and marvel at the various shapes, colours, sizes and styles of trees, shrubs and plants.

I’ve wondered this morning, if they all get on! Some of the strongest trees , are being teased by Jasmin, whose growth seems almost to be trying to tickle the bark of her ”victim”! In one of the corner plots, Broom has been invaded by pansies: Tony planted only a few but they’ve decided to take over!

The Lantana continue to battle with Bougainvillea , over who gets the most space – and the ”Joan ” tree , named after my wonderful Mother in law, keeps pushing her ”boxing glove” style flowers higher and higher, looking for any fight on the way!

Only the magnificent  and unexpected, Arum Lily, stands alone in a pot befitting her beauty. She is tall and graceful – and so very beautiful – but I think she knows it! I don’t know what her essence is but even the feral gang of cats keep away from her!

It’s a lovely day and I’m very grateful for the moment. The Barney size hole which is now our home still resonates with his presence but I sense him and all of his brothers and sisters, everywhere I look.

The garden and new growth gives me hope: life really does blossom and move on, richer for everything/everyone who has blossomed before us.

Wishing you a day filled with a bouquet of love and laughter .