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1st October 2012

Nasty Mr Thunder!

Jake is having a terrible time. Last night, for the 5th night running, that nasty, noisy Mr Thunder came back and chased Jake from his settled position in front of the windows, into our bedroom where we were sleeping.

Not that it was an easy journey, coz our bedroom door was shut to stop Alfie and Jake coming in, so 70 kilos of terrified big hairy puppy dog , tried to “squish” himself under the doorframe – and when he couldn’t, he cried like a baby and knocked his paw on the door to get us to open it.

Mr Thunder came back and shouted some more, which made Jake cry even louder – so we had to give up and let him (and Alfie) in.

About an hour later, Mr Thunder came back with his mate, “Electric Lightning”. Jake was fine: he as curled up under our duvet snoring. Alfie was snuggled into Molly and Tony and I were sitting up, each on separate edges of the bed, trying to keep warm and get our duvet back from Jake. This wasn’t working……..

Tonight, if Mr Thunder makes another appearance, I suspect Mr Tony will shout even louder than he does and Jake may have to stay where he is – unless he, Alfie and I sneak into our bedroom early! (Molly has her bed in there anyway)

All good fun! Though a good nights sleep would be wonderful!

Category: Cyprus Villas News