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22nd August 2021

Nanna’s Jugs!

No no, no, dear reader – NOT what you are thinking at all!

I’m not given to writing anything rude or vaguely sexual, (though I hear this is where the real money lies in writing, so I might give it a try – or at least practice in the safety of my own home office, trying not to giggle or make the computer blush!).

I digress

As usual……

I’m cleaning my own home this morning. It’s not a regular occurrence: I’m a woman of the belief that dust wins and life is too short -but we have VISITORS on Friday, so needs must!

As always happens when I get to the cleaning the kitchen, my mind wanders when I see , hold and cherish two precious jugs I have, which were wedding presents given to my beautiful Nanna – and which now sit proudly in our home here in Peyia.

They’ve had a huge journey: from Hebburn, where Nanna lived and where they survived many bombings during World War 2. (Noting, I don’t think the enemy particularly hated these jugs: they simply wanted to destroy the ship building on the Tyne and the jugs were ALMOST next door to them).

This pretty twosome lived in Hebburn for over 50 years then moved with me to Washington, then Southampton then Billingham, Yorkshire and now, sit happily in this Peyia kitchen.

I LOVE them!

I love that people chose them for my Nanna; that she will have held and cherished them – and now, I love them so much too, not least for the energy of my Nanna’s hands, which sits inside the pottery.

I think she’ll bee laughing if she was watching now: One jug is home to dishwasher and washing machine tablets, (well, it’s much prettier than the boxes they come in!). The other sits on the shelves near the sink, guarded by the Kitchen Angle who carries a welcome  – and warning sign- should anyone go near the jug!

Homes are made up of memories, aren’t they? From the stuff in them to the people who visit there; those who stay a while and those who pass through. From the love, the tears, the challenges – and the many furry friends: everything has energy and makes up the feel of a home………

…………and provides the dust!

So, theory is right!

If I dust, I remove some of the memories and energy and that wouldn’t be right!

Of course, the holiday villas need to feel ”new” for every arrival and we make sure we do that! (Just saying!),

Come and visit us as soon as you can. Email to for deals on beautiful villas with clean pools – but if you come here to me, keep our hands OFF my Nanna’s jugs!