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10th March 2012

Name calling….

We are just taking on a beautiful new 4 bed villa in Coral Bay, Villa Oliana and I was fascinated to know where the name had come from so I’ve been looking online

Interestingly, as well as being the name of a place in Spain, which may be special to the owners, the name is also of Hawiian origins and means ‘popularity’: and as I’m sure the villa will be exceptionally popular with holiday makers, its aptly named

Got me thinking about how names are chosen: here the first born son is named after his paternal grandfather and the first born daughter, her maternal grandmother. This is tradition of course and some now are being broken, not least as families are becoming more cross cultural and ‘Giorgiou’ may not suit the son of a posh Russian from Moscow!

Other ways of naming people here are the ‘trade’ names ie the families pick up the nickname connected to their work. We have friends known as ‘wood man’ and ‘banana grower’. I reckon our family name would need to be ‘water man’ for Tony and ‘patient one’ for me – not least as I’m off to the Municipality this am for the 8th working day running to ask the same question and am praying for an answer…………..

Villa Oliana will appear on our site very soon.

Category: Cyprus Villas News